Vanessa - Client

“My husband went through a divorce last year and we initially tried to self file. What was taking us months, Mark got done in like 4 days. Divorce was filed and over with in a few days. Mark is amazing and I recommend him to friends when I find out they are needing a divorce lawyer.”


Past Client

“There is no need to search any further for your lawyer soul mate, Mark is the dream lawyer, he will keep you informed, and will tailor everything to your specific situation. Even when we would disagree on something, he was respectful and would discuss his point of view with me, and also hear out mine, and we would decide where to go from there. Anytime you need a lawyer there is sure to be stress involved, I honestly don’t think there’s a better lawyer out there to help you not only deal with the situation you’re in, but to also help alleviate the majority of the stress for you…. run, don’t walk to him!”

Melinda - Client

“I was referred to Mark I. Unger for my divorce. He made a difficult situation easier because of his experience and knowledge. He is a fantastic Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, Texas. Mark is very professional, hardworking, and always available when needed. I would definitely hire him again if ever needed.”


What Clients Have To Say

“When I called Mark’s office and explained my case to Mark’s legal assistant spring of 2013, Mark called me back within a day to get more pertinent information. After agreeing to take my case, Mark was accessible throughout the entire 10 month process. The effectiveness of Mark’s approach was the thorough understanding of the issues at hand, a review of the events and timeline, and the psychological assessment of the many participants in my case. This process gave him a very complete picture of all elements that were influencing the decisions I was facing. I am convinced that his thoroughness was instrumental in the successful outcome in my favor.

I am grateful that Mark’s attention to detail, patience and positive attitude helped me to overcome my concerns during the difficult negotiations. I only wish I could have hired Mark at the time of my initial divorce as I could have avoided many issues that he resolved for me. Another important attribute that Mark brings to his clients in his constant and continuous communication throughout the process. His guidance and advice were very reassuring. Mark’s personal touch always made me feel like I was his only client. I strongly and happily refer Mark to anyone going through divorce, mediation, or re-negotiation of terms.”

Divorce Client

"Mark is a True Professional"

“Mark Unger is a true professional who knows all the aspects of divorce & family law here in Texas. Throughout my case he always treated me with utmost respect and had the best interests in mind of not only myself, but that of my children also. This to me is very impressive in a day and age where most attorneys only care about getting your case over with quickly and being paid. My wife and I had been married for over 11 years, we had 4 minor children and my case was extremely high conflict, so I visited with 6 attorneys before I made my final decision. Mark easily stood out from the pack, as the best choice for my representation. He tells you exactly where you stand at the initial consultation and doesn’t promise you the world or try to bring you in with an unrealistic lowball retainer like most divorce attorneys do. From the very get go I went into my divorce feeling very confidence knowing Mark was on top of everything. He was always very aggressive on my case when he needed to be, he did not waste time and was very honest & straight forward about everything. He works hard at getting you the best results, he answers all your questions and keeps you informed throughout it all. He definitely provided the best possible outcome not only for myself, but that of my children also. When my divorce was all said and done, I must say he felt more like a longtime good friend than my attorney.”

Divorce Client